Bird Watching
interactive installation watch the video

There are over 8,681 satellites orbiting around the earth. Bird Watching mixes DIY amateurism and digital technology to playfully comment on their invisible presence.

proximity sensors and audio
Bird Watching employs seven folded cardboard boxes. Each box contains an audio speaker. Four boxes are embedded with proximity sensors connected to a computer. These sensors detect distance and when triggered they generate a unique sound from the box’s speaker. Participants control the pitch of the sound by how close they are to the sensor. The sound becomes comprehensible as the participant moves away from the box.

motors and sensors
Two boxes are motorized and open and close when their sensors detect an object.

satellite tracking
Another box is connected to a ham radio that can intercept the signals of orbiting space satellites as they pass over-head. A computer kiosk displays the satellite tracking software that announces when a satellite is within range and I provide a pamphlet that lists the times when space satellites are due.

The wall projection tracks the participants path through the installation in real time. Turning my innocuous “birds” into a sneaky form of surveillance.